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Taxes and puzzles have something in common. They both have a tendency to be complicated.

Whether it is an individual tax return, a business tax return, or a combination, 7th Rule Accounting can provide assistance with most governmental filings as required under the tax code. For our tax customers who utilize our services, we will not only help you with your tax filing but we will also assist you with establishing proper money management tools and techniques to enhance your money management and wealth building plans.

Individual and Sole Proprietor
Whether a wage earner receiving a W-2 or a business owner with a single member LLC or sole proprietor business, our knowledge of your needs is extensive based on our varied base of over five hundred customers who make up this area of our practice. Our customer base in this area of practice covers a wide variety of situations and scenarios. We have very simple returns with taxpayers who have a couple of W-2's and a few 1099's to very complex returns containing multiple business and rental properties as well as investments and royalties. More than likely if you have a particular tax situation you need assistance with we have probably seen it in our customer base and know how to handle your tax situation.

Corporations, S Corporations, LLC's, and Partnerships
7th Rule Accounting services a wide variety of customers in the business area of taxation. From small entities of just a few thousand dollars to large entities with millions of dollars in revenue, our more than five hundred customers give us a wide breath of knowledge across many different industries. Our business customers cover a multitude of business areas including retail, rental real estate, veterinarians, construction services, machine shops, artist/musician management, mental health practitioners, dental offices, architects, property management, research and development, web development and design, along with an assortment of other companies in various focus areas.

Whether you are taxed as a corporation, an S corporation, or a Partnership, we can assist you with your tax needs. We have a board range of experience and knowledge and if we do not have specific knowledge for your industry we are willing to commit the time and resources to learning more about your business, its specific quirks, and what it takes to service your tax needs. We are not afraid of learning new things at 7th Rule Accounting and we pride ourselves on the fact that we try to learn at least five new things every day.

We service several entities in the not-for-profit area that provide services or education to the greater Ann Arbor community. We also have experience in unrelated business taxes. For small not-for-profit organizations who have to file 990N tax returns, we offer a free service where we will provide you with a free electronic filing of your 990N post card.

Gift, Trust, and Estates
These returns are typically one-time returns completed once and not done again. Whether a one-time gift, a tax return due to death, or a trust established upon the death of the grantor, we can work with and handle these types of returns.

5500, Personal Property Tax, and Other Tax Returns
This category falls in the area of those odds and ends that some people need to have filed but most people never have to deal with. If you have returns in this area, give us a call to determine if we can help you with your tax filing needs.

International Taxation
We have prepared Canadian, Australian, and US reporting for 90-22.1 and Form 8938. If you have international taxation needs, please call us to see if we can assist you with your tax filings.

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